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Hand over your money to Bras and Honey! A Freya Deco Rebel Review.

A little while ago I was contacted by online store Bras & Honey who asked if I'd like to review a lingerie set for them. I'd be mad to say no, so here we are!

Bras & Honey stock big cup brands like Freya, Curvy Kate, Elomi and Panache, not to mention a wide range of shapewear from the likes of Spanx, Maidenform and Miraclesuit.

After a quick browse through the site, I chose my staple favourite of a Freya Deco, however this isn't any Deco, this is the Deco Rebel, a much anticipated leopard print Deco! 

The Freya Deco bra is a smooth moulded t-shirt bra offering excellent shape, support and comfort. I wear a Deco every day, no word of a lie, so when Freya announced they were making a leopard print variant AKA the Deco Rebel I was overjoyed!

The Deco Rebel features a nude background in the same shade as their basic nude Deco, but with the addition of a wonderful coral and black heart-shaped leopard print. It has fully adjustable straps (with neon orange bows at the bottom!) and 2 rows of 2 hooks to fasten. The moulded cups and plunge front make it ideal to wear under pretty much anything, and if it's the pattern you're worried about, the Deco also comes in a whole plethora or different colours and patterns. I'm wearing a 28GG in my photos which is a good fit, but you might want to go down a band size and up a cup size if you prefer a firmer band.

The Deco Rebel Thong makes the perfect match for a wild look! It's edged in nude just like the bra and has a little neon orange bow to the centre. I have quite big hips for my size (UK 8) so I need a large in Freya bottoms.

I think it's safe to say that Freya have blown me away yet again with another wonderful Deco, and Bras & Honey have blown me away with their huge range of Freya Decos in stock right now, and some are on sale too! Take a look here.

The Deco Rebel Bra comes in sizes 28-30 DD-GG, 32-36 B-GG and 38 B-G and costs £34 currently. The Deco Rebel Thong is available in sizes XS-XL and costs £10.50. Both can be purchased from Bras & Honey right now! If you love leopard print then go ahead and treat yourself. 

One last thing, you've probably noticed my awesome 'Kitten' necklace I'm wearing in my pics. I had it custom made by Extreme Largeness. They do all kinds of cool and kitsch jewellery and accessories, check them out!

Bras & Honey are having a huge sale at the minute, so be quick and grab a bargain... It's almost pay day after all! 

Thanks for reading,
Le Curvy Kitten 

Freya's Deco never fails to Delight!

For those of you who already follow me in Twitter and Instagram you're probably already very aware that I LOVE the Deco bra by Freya. I own something like 20 now yet weirdly I've never actually written a post dedicated to them! So here we are!

My Deco collection minus two!

A few weeks ago Freya contacted me asking if I'd like to review a Deco for them, and of course I said yes! After a little deliberation we finally decided on the Deco Delight, a spin-off of the original, this time with pretty lace details and a racer back, as first seen on the Deco Charm from their AW14 range.

My eagerly awaited parcel of joy arrived and as soon as I got my paws on it I tore the box open to find a hot pink paper bag emblazoned with the Freya logo with orange Freya tissue paper oozing from the opening. So exciting! I carefully lifted the tissue paper (wow, I'm really building this up aren't I?) to reveal not only a Deco Delight bra, but Brazilian brief, shorts AND a chemise too! Oh Freya, you really went to town, much love to you!

The Deco Delight range comes in a cosy shade of marl grey with cream lace detailing and tiny cream bows. It's the only colourway available at the moment and it's just lovely. Initially I thought it was made from t-shirty fabric as it's a grey marl, and I'm so glad it's not because I've had that sort of bra before. They tend to cling to whatever you're wearing and don't sit well. I digress, it's not made from that but instead a smooth mix of 64% Polyster, 24% Nylon/Polymide, 8% Elastane and the magic ingredient, 4% Tactel, making Deco Delight soft to the touch. Hurrah!

Unfortunately Freya didn't have a 28GG in stock so we decided to sister size to a 30G. I never sister size on the band unless it's super tight, and particularly not with my Decos since I like a fuss-free fit. However, given the circumstances and the fact I own a Rixie Clip band shortening...thingy... I agreed to try it. So with that in mind, I'll base my review on my 'true' size of a 28GG since I own so many Decos in said size. I'm too honest for my own good. I could have just lied and said it's a 28GG from the offset, but nope.

"Why is such an ordinary looking bra your absolute favourite?", I hear you ask. I shall tell you for why my dear readers! It's what it DOES to my boobs. Hello cleavage! Not to mention it's perfect under almost ANYTHING. Seriously, I wear a Deco every. Single. Day. They're really comfortable, supportive and with the addition of the racer back clip on the Deco Charm and the Deco Delight they're super practical. I'm hoping to see the racer clip featured on the basic black and nude colours in the future as this would open up a new realm of clothes shopping for me as I've ALWAYS avoided racer backs for bra strap reasons.

Normal straps...
...Racer straps! (Apologies for the wonky clip!)

So on to the products! The iconic Deco bra is a t-shirt bra with its smooth moulded cups and with a wide range of colours/patterns available each season. For me it's a winner because It is padded, wearable with almost anything and comes in my size! Sorry for those who it doesn't fit, but I'd recommend getting in touch with Freya to show you're interested in a wider size range. The only way they'll know more sizes are in demand is if we all tell them. FYI the Deco Delight (and most of the Deco range) comes in 28-30 D-GG, 32-36 B-GG and 38 B-G. I only have two small gripes about the Deco; the band is a tad too big but not so much that it creeps up my back, and I sometimes get a little spillage, however that's down to my badly behaved boobs(!) rather than the bra itself. For those of you with firmer boobs this shouldn't be an issue. If you like a firmer band, go down a band and up a cup (if you can) when ordering for a better fit, although I can't say I've experienced any problems to write home about in my usual band size. The Deco Delight Moulded Bra currently costs from £34 depending on the retailer.

The Deco Delight Brazilian briefs(?) are really quite lovely. They share the same cream lace and bow detailing and on the backside the lace runs across each butt cheek, which is apparently what makes them a Brazilian brief. Think something between a thong and a normal brief. I don't like to show my cellulitey butt on my blog as you may or may not have noticed, so I'm afraid you'll have to make do with product pics! I wear a large in undies for reference. The Deco Delight Brazilian is currently priced from £13 depending on the retailer and come in sizes XS to XL.

The Deco Delight Shorts again share the lace and bows and are again a large. If you're wondering why I wear a large when I'm a UK size 8, it's because I carry my fat around my butt/hip area so to wear a small would be muffin tops ahoy, which I just can't deal with on myself. I prefer the shorts to the Brazilian as they're a bit comfier. I've realised I don't have a lot to say about undies, so enjoy the pics! The Deco Delight Shorts cost from £13 at the moment, depending on where you buy them and come in sizes XS to XL.

Last but not least (I tell a lie, I like this the least) is the Deco Delight Chemise. The chemise has a hidden support panel inside with an elasticated band, which is nice and comfy if you're slobbing around. 

I found it didn't offer enough support and that my Bravissimo nightwear was better as it has much more structure and padding, although that tends to have a weird shape to it, so it's the lesser of two evils. I found that the elasticated band was far too stretchy and I probably would have been better with the XS instead of the S. That said, it's comfortable enough to sleep in. 

The chemise is dual sized from XS-L in either a B-DD cup or E-G cup and costs from £34 currently. Here I'm wearing it with the Deco Delight Bra underneath, which I think makes the prettiest combo. I imagine throwing on some chunky knitted socks and a big cardigan with these to curl up on the sofa with my boyfriend. Ahhh, bliss!

Are you addicted to any particular items of lingerie? Do you need a bra in every colour ever made? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!
Le Curvy Kitten

Friday, 8 August 2014

Build me up, Buttercup! Made In Preston's lovely lace creation!

I was recently contacted by Nikki Hesford of UK booby fashion brand Made In Preston asking if I'd like to review one of their products.

Firstly, let's discuss the brand in question. Made in Preston was launched in June 2013 as a fashion house catering for larger cup sizes. "So what's new about that? We have BiuBiu, Saint Bustier, Pepperberry, Urkye and DDAtelier amongst others" I hear you cry! Well, let me tell you, none of those have real edgy catwalk fashion, which is why ex glamour model and young mum Nikki decided to pursue her dream of owning her very own label. The fact that Made in Preston takes inspiration from the catwalk really sets them aside from other bigger bust brands meaning younger women aren't tied down to squeezing themselves into dresses and tops that don't fit from high street stores, boring (but admittedly very useful) 'classics' and often styles that aren't age appropriate for the wearer. The other thing I love about Made In Preston is that, as their name suggests, everything they make is manufactured in Preston, and that can only be a good thing for the local and national economy.

Nikki from Made In Preston (photo from

Not only do Made In Preston produce clothes for the bigger bust, they also do a range of funky lingerie, of which I'm excited to be reviewing today! Nikki has designed the lingerie in order to stand out, and boy does it do its job! With neon patterned lace fabrics, and blah blah blaaaaahhhhh, you'll be sure to find something for your more adventurous side at Made In Preston!
More from Made In Preston

Within a few days my bra arrived, wrapped up lovingly in branded tissue paper with heart stickers to secure. I'm a sucker for nice packaging, it really feels like you're getting a gift and therefore makes it easier to justify the odd splurge on yourself.... Well that's what I tell myself anyway!

On opening the package, I found Nikki had very kindly sent me this awesome buttercup yellow unpadded bra (currently at £34, matching knickers £10) in a 28H. As you may know from my previous post on the Cleo Marcie Babydoll, my boyfriend is a HUGE fan of anything yellow, so he was pretty happy Nikki chose this for me! The shade of yellow leans slightly more towards neon/green tones than the Marcie, which I would call a true buttercup yellow.

I don't tend to wear unpadded bras for anything other than dossing around the house, so I was slightly apprehensive about trialling the bra. On fitting the bra I noticed the band is nice and snug, like a true 28" should be. I'm currently measuring 27" so this is perfect. In fact it's by far the best 28" band I own. I also notice that it gives a rounded shape, not dissimilar to my all time favourite, the Deco by Freya, only without the epic cleavage, which is a good thing if you like the rounded shape but don't fancy having a cleavage for whatever reason. I normally wear a 28GG Deco and this is a 28H so bear this in mind when ordering.

The bra has a black lining with a yellow lace overlay meaning that if, like me, lace makes you itch, the lining prevents this happening.

My only criticisms are that the band only has a row of two hooks where I'm used to having three, although admittedly this doesn't appear to have made much difference with regards to support, although it might with a larger band and cup size due to the weight of the bust. What I have noticed is that the band rides up a little, so I don't know whether that could be to do with it not being wide enough or if I need to use the tighter hooks. Also the straps are a touch too thin for my liking, again not what I'm used to in bras with larger cups.

Strap comparison with the Curvy Kate Ritzy (left)

Having worn the bra for a couple of days I'm happy to report that I'm very fond of it! Like I said, I'm not a fan of padded bras and avoid wearing them wherever possible but this wonderful yellow creation will be one I hope to get more use out of.

This style of bra also comes in Monochrome, Powder Pink and Black and can be purchased here.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

You Little Nipper! The Orchard Corset cs-301

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the absolute doll that is Jessica from PinUpPersuasion saying she'd been in touch with Orchard Corset and asked if they could send me a corset to review as a thank you for being her favourite lingerie blogger!

After some time of wallowing in utter flattery, I headed over to Orchard Corset's website to browse their selection. Since I'd already purchased the ever popular CS-426 underbust a few months back (which I'm yet to review) and own a number of overbusts, I opted for the mini underbust, the relatively new CS-301 in black cotton. I went for a 20", a size smaller than the recommended 22" for my 26" waist.

Photograph from Orchard Corset

Currently at $65 (£38) I consider the CS-301 a cheaper alternative to the What Katie Did Baby Corset at £129.50. Since I've not tried the WKD Baby, I can't do a comparison of the two, but I will say the only differences I can see are that the Baby is 7" long and curved at the bottom and the CS-301 is 8" long and is straight at the bottom.

The CS-301 is much easier to wear than longer corsets since it has a very short rise so you don't feel quite as restricted. It only has 3 fasteners too, meaning you can do a quick release should you feel uncomfortable or claustrophobic, which I sometimes feel a slight hint of when corseted. Yes, I know you're meant to unlace the corset first, but with the CS-301 I don't feel this is necessary.

I've owned a LOT of steel boned corsets over the years but never actually wear them so I'd consider myself a corset newbie. I wore my CS-301 on a hot summer's day with my navy polka dot dress from Pepperberry (no longer available) to a local vintage fair. Aside from some itching in the back panel, it was relatively comfortable and I managed to clock up a few hours wear including a large slice of lemon drizzle cake before I decided it had to go as I was too hot and itchy!

A few weeks later I decided to wear the corset to bed and for the following day, only this time with a cami underneath. It was remarkably comfortable and I only took it off to eat lunch. I'm far too lazy to get up early enough in the morning to lace a corset so wearing one in bed and for the following day would be the only way for me to waist train.

My only complaint about the CS-301 is because it's a short corset, when I sit down I have a 'muffin bottom' effect in my lower belly region. This wasn't such as issue since I was wearing a swing dress at the time, but it would mean I couldn't wear the corset with a fitted dress. Not unless I wasn't needing to sit down at least.

I'd recommend this corset to anyone, old or new to the world of corsetry as it is an easy starter corset, or for those waist training and wanting a break from a longer corset, this would be ideal. I'd love to waist train and may start wearing my CS-301 to start with, then move on to my CS-426 eventually.

Make Me a Muse for My Boudoir....PLEASE VOTE!

So once again I've managed to find myself in a competition that relies on a rather scary and anxiety inducing public vote! This time it's for My Boudoir, home of the most awesome photoshoots and transformations from beautiful to uber mega stunningly incredible gorgeous beyond words!

Anyone who's been following me on Twitter will know I've been coveting a shoot with Nicola of My Boudoir for a few years now, so when Georgina (FullerFigureFullerBust) alerted me to My Boudoir's 'Search for a Muse' competition I couldn't resist entering!

Georgina from FullerFigureFullerBust has has a number of shoots with My Boudoir and every single time my mind is blown with how flawless she looks. Just wow.

Photograph copyright of My Boudoir featuring FullerFigureFullerBust

Another woman crush of mine, Sinderella Rockafella has also been shot by My Boudoir. Ugh, just look at her, so perfect!

Photograph copyright of My Boudoir featuring Sinderella Rockafella

So once again I'm relying on your votes to help me win. Sorry! I'm currently sat at around 225 votes in sixth (I think) place, so I'm quite far from the chance of getting a shoot sadly.

All I need you to do is LIKE the photo in this link, but PLEASE ONLY LIKE IT ONCE because if you like it twice, it will 'unlike', meaning you haven't voted! 

(I know, it should be obvious but I've had a number of people telling me they've 'like it again' and I've had to point out that they've invalidated their vote by doing so!)


I'm also contractually obliged (not really!) to ask you please to vote for Alex Marshall of LoveLifeLexi. I've known Alex for 10 years now. We met on a Derren Brown forum and have remained in contact ever since, with our mutual love of Helo Kitty and often buying the same items of clothing! Click here for her vote link.

Voting closes at 10am On Wednesday August 6th, which is a few days before my birthday, so if you want to give me a gift, please make it a vote and share the link on your Facebook page too!

Thank you, cross your fingers for me!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Hey Baby, Hey Baby-DOLL!

Apologies for the terrible No Doubt reference in the title, I've been a fan for many years!

Today I'm reviewing the Cleo by Panache Marcie babydoll in this gorgeous summery bright shade of yellow. I purchased the babydoll from for just £24.50 (shorts £9.80) in their summer sale. Unfortunately Lace didn't have my size (28GG), or any other 28 bands in stock so I settled on my sister size of 30G. I figured I won't be wearing it enough to warrant the perfect fit with it being a pretty impractical item in reality. Which begs the question why I bought it! I don't know, possibly something to do with my boyfriend's favourite colour being yellow and the fact that it's not a colour often seen in lingerie. I mean, when WOULD you wear a babydoll practically? As you may know, I don't tend to buy unpadded bras either, so this unpadded babydoll was like a step into the unknown for me!

So lets talk about the colour first. It's GORGEOUS! Sunny and bright, you won't mind the odd bit of strap showing surely! The three-part cups are made from a polka dot mesh which is sheer but not too sheer, if that makes sense(?), the top part being a pretty scalloped lace. The skirt is made from the same polka dot mesh, only it's only one layer, therefore more sheer.

I don't normally get on well with Cleo and other Panache bras as my boobs don't tend to fill the top section, leaving a weird gap, so I ordered a 30G and 30GG and hoped for the best. Please bear in mind that operate a minimum order of £40 policy so if you're stuck between ordering two sizes, just order both. As predicted, the 30GG was too big in the cup and luckily the 30G was perfect, so I will be purchasing the bra too, available from Bravissimo and Figleaves amongst others. The cup is absolutely spot on, no gaping like I normally get with Cleo. Obviously the band is looser than I'd like but that's to be expected. It's still comfortable and does its job, so I'm not complaining!

The 'skirt' has a gap at the back, making it's easier to get on than other babydolls that tend to have a full skirt that's joined at the back meaning you have to pull the entire thing over your head.

A word of caution, the straps are fully adjustable, BUT only up to a G cup, so if like me, you're GG+ and petite, you will probably need to get out your sewing kit and alter the straps to fit. The straps in GG and above are padded on the underside, in my opinion unnecessarily, and a little wider but still look the same as the adjustable part. I didn't have this issue in the 30G fortunately.

The briefs are really pretty with a sweet ruffled frill at the tops of the thighs and contrasting pink bows to match the bra and babydoll. I went for a size 14 and although they look okay, I'd prefer an extra inch on the waistband so I don't get ANY muffin top whatsoever. I know, there's not much muffin top but even so, I'd like none! I reordered the briefs from Bravissimo in a size 16 (not pictured) and although these are a better fit on the waistband they are slightly saggy in the back, but I'm happy enough with them so I'll keep the size 16.

I ordered the Marcie bra in a 28GG from Bravissimo and sadly it has that typical Cleo gaping I usually get. I'm not entirely sure why since it's a sister size of the well-fitting 30G babydoll, so I'm currenty awaiting the arrival of the replacement in a 28G. Anyway, that's an aside as I'm reviewing the babydoll!

What do you think? Love or loathe the colour? Have you found a practical use for a babydoll?

Friday, 11 July 2014

Pamela Mann Tight Rope Walker tights; the perfect balance!

Once again I was contacted by the lovely people at Pamela Mann tights asking if I'd like to review some tights for them. Of course I said yes when I saw the tights in question!
As much as I love statement tights, I don't wear them often as I'd like to as I sometimes don't feel brave enough! But when I was sent the Pamela Mann's Tight Rope Walker tights in nude I knew they were subtle enough for me to get away with, and so I wore them to work with a swing skirt that falls on my knee, meaning as I walked, the little balancing dudes were visible with the motion of my skirt!

Peek a boo!

I have a number of pairs of tights with a printed design on which soon wears off, but the Tight Rope Walkers are actually woven into the tights, meaning there's no chance of fading or washing out. The nude colour of the tights is perfect for my pale complexion and almost makes me look as though I'm bare-legged, which is great. 

My only criticism would be that because tights are pretty much a one size fits most, and in this case being 8-14, covering various heights, I found the tight rope walkers themselves getting lower down my legs throughout the day. This meant I was asked by a shocked colleague when I'd had my unusual tattoos done!

I stupidly managed to put my nail through the tights as I was pulling them up in a rush, but this is no reflection on the quality of the tights (just a reflection of my clumsiness!). Speaking of quality, it does pay to spend a bit more when it comes to tights. I have numerous of pairs of Primark tights but they simply don't last. My Pammy's are the best I've tried so far, and hold up well wash after wash. 

Oops! Always take care when pulling up tights!

Pamela Mann's Tight Rope Walker tights are a fun talking point and every time I wear any of my Pamela Mann tights I get positive comments from colleagues and even random people in the street! The Tight Rope Walker Tights are available for £9.99 a pair and come in one size 8-14, and 2 colours; nude and black.

Photo Courtsey of Pamela Mann